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teacher smiling while her students doing activities

Who We Are

Sahara Daycare Learning Center is built with compassion and dedication to providing a daycare center for children to develop their fullest potential. We are one of the leading daycare providers in Tennessee and the surrounding areas. Our programs promote learning, creativity, development, and self-discovery among children. We have the amenities to keep them safe while they’re having fun. Our highly-trained staff are well-qualified in providing activities to children and are experts in first aid emergencies. You can rest easy knowing that your child is safe in our facility while you are away and have matters to attend to. We take pride in working with the community, both parents and daycare providers, to achieve common goals, such as providing a safe and comfortable environment for children to fully develop and reach their full potential.

Our programs focus on your child’s development so she or he can get ready for “big school settings.” Their developmental milestones are our motivation to improve our programs. We prioritize their social, mental, emotional, and intellectual well-being without compromising their comfort and safety.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a child-friendly and nurturing environment for children to develop their social, developmental, emotional, and psychological well-being through our programs. We strive to allow the child to develop and thrive on their own, releasing their full potential for the future. It is our goal to promote independence and self-discovery in each child.

Our Vision Statement

We envision addressing specific goals and objectives in the crucial domains of child development. We promote the growth of each child to prepare them for their future goals.

Start Your Child’s Learning Today!

If you are interested to enroll your child in our center, you can take a tour with one of our daycare staff first. Click here.

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