Compassionate learning and development for children.

Education is one of the best gifts in the world given to children, and we know that they should explore their interests and feed their curiosity, which helps them flourish in their developmental growth. We ensure that our curriculum connects to your child’s everyday life. We promote creative play and foster lifelong learning for each child. We let them learn on their own by providing them with activities around science, early literacy and numeracy, mathematics, physical activity, and health and nutrition. Our daycare staff considers each child’s learning styles and unique needs, incorporating appropriate activities for them. Our programs prepare them for the next stage in their educational journey.

Your child’s areas of strength and weakness are recognized. Modifications are made through our curriculum to reach and care for every child.

We offer the following programs:

We provide:

  • Creative Learning and Developmental Activities
  • Educational Toys and Hands-On Equipment
  • Large Outdoor Playground
  • Evaluation and Reviews for Skill Mastery Socialization
  • Physical and Emotional Development Activities
  • Rain and Snowproof Indoor Playroom


Beginning next school year Sahara Daycare will be introducing a new daycare management software program powered by PROCARE. Some of the benefits of the software include the following:

  • Informs You About Your Children’s Daily Activities in School.
  • Nurture Classroom and Parent Interactions Through an Easy-to-Use App and Interface
  • Automate Billing and Payment Collection
  • Offer Contactless Solutions Like Check-In/Out
  • Offer Real-Time Updates on Child’s Learning, Feeding, Napping, and Much More

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